Rolling Triceps Extension

Rolling Triceps Extension
This exercise is ideal for building up arm size and strength
We often preach against doing lots of isolation exercises, but according to MF adviser Jason Ferruggia, the rolling triceps extension is one arm-builder worth the sweat.

Hold a dumbbell in each hand and lie back on a bench with your arms locked out above your chest [1]. Bend your elbows until the dumbbells touch your shoulders, then "roll" your shoulders back so that your elbows go beside your head and you feel a stretch in your triceps and your lats. Reverse the motion by contracting your lats and triceps simultaneously to pull your arms forward and lock out your elbows [2]. That's one rep.

Why It Works Essentially a combination of the lying triceps extension and pullover, the rolling extension allows you to use more weight as a result of the involvement of the lats. Perform the exercise for 10-12 reps, as going too heavy for low reps can be stressful on the elbow joint. Do not explosively lock out your elbows. "This is best used at the end of your workout," says Ferruggia, "as a finisher after dips or bench presses."

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