Sample Low Fat Menu Example Of Low Fat Foods


* Non-fat cereal with skim milk and fruit.
* Toast with Jelly - (no butter, no margarine).
* Bagel with Jelly/fat free cream cheese - (no butter, no margarine).
* Egg substitute French Toast (no butter).
* Egg substitute sandwiches (no mayonnaise or no fat mayonnaise).
* Egg substitute omelets (vegetable, no cheese or no fat cheese).
* No Meats, butter, cheeses or egg yolks.
* Even no fat restaurant breakfasts are cooked with butter or oil.


* Turkey sandwich:
o 1 slice of 97% fat free turkey
o 1 slice of fat free cheese
o mustard, lettuce, tomato

* No chips (fat free chips), potato/macaroni salad or anything with real mayonnaise.
* Fat free, no salt pretzels.
* Salad (No croutons, cheese, olives, oil, dressing, eggs, chick peas).
* Use fat free dressing sparingly and on the side.
* You can include water packed tuna, chicken (white meat), turkey.
* Bread (no butter or margarine).


* Turkey (less fat than chicken), whole sliced not pressed.
* Vegetables (steamed), cooked without butter.
* Potatoes (baked, no sour cream or butter - try mustard or salsa).
* Bread (no butter or margarine).


* Jello, Fresh Fruit, Fat free pudding snacks.
* Fat free cookies and crackers.
* Angel Food Cake (NOT pound cake).
* Bread - Be careful of oil soaked bread like Italian restaurant bread sticks.
* Coffee/Tea - Use non fat milk or none.
* Fat free is good but you still have to count calories.
* Use FAT FREE low calorie protein supplement if needed for weight training.

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