A Trio Of Strategies To Make Your Midsection A Work Of Six Pack Art

Sometimes the hardest part about working your abs isn't all the exercise involved; it's figuring out which exercises best meet your momentary needs.
Sculpting the kind of washboard waistline every guy desires doesn't require you to always follow the same road every other guy took to get there. It's hard to stay committed enough to see results if you're not in tune with a program from the start. That's why having a few ab routines to choose from can help you determine the best approach for you.
We asked our experts for routines that address the most common ways men work out. What they gave us were three that cover the gamut.
• If you're a gym rat who needs his ab routine to be as tough as the rest of his workout, we've got you covered.
• For the guy who likes exercising at home without having to rely on any equipment, we've got that, too.
• And if you've tried every possible routine out there and need something new to challenge your abs, then get ready for a three-move plan that may seem more appropriate for a day-care center but will leave you crying like a baby.
Can't decide exactly what category you fall into? Then you've got the best of all options. You can try any of the following routines separately for a total abdominal experience, or create your own by replacing an exercise from one workout with one from another (according to their numbers). Whichever workout you choose, it'll be one custom-made for your abs, and your attention span.

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